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Hi Friends,

Today I am a little under the weather.  My husband has had a cough for the last two days and I thought I was doing a pretty good job of not catching it, but I started to feel the tickle in my throat after I came home from teaching a class at 10:30 last night.  I dosed with some vitamin C before going to bed, but today I've got the little cough. 

Today I will be taking it easy!  I had lots of water this morning.  16 ounces of lemon water and 16 ounces of warm water afterward.  I just felt like I needed more water.  Then made a smoothie with Romaine, bananas, tangelo, frozen berries, coconut milk and water.  That was breakfast.  

I plan to make a soup today with lots of cleansing vegetables--carrots, onions, cabbage, celery, garlic, and parsley.

I WILL be nipping this bug in the bud!

Happy DeeToxing!


Dee McCaffrey

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Sorry you are not feeling well. I thought I wrote a long response but I'm not sure if it went through. So I'm seeing if this one works.

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I have a few questions. In regards to the oatmeal you say one cup but do you mean 1/2 cap raw because one cup was a lot of oatmeal!

Do you drink the lemon water first then drink the regular water?

I have a hard time getting all supplements taken in the morning before going to work.

I feel calm,m but a little tired and hungry. I still need to eat dinner. After 7pm is hard because I didn't realize how much I grazed and snacked.

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