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I swear I don't work's the fresh & easy market that's opened up around here lately.  I've been to the market on Alma School and Elliot in Chandler.  I'm happy to report that their prices are very reasonable and they make their own brands of nearly every type of food. Their own brand of foods are low priced and the majority of their own brands come in organic selections as well.  It's a neighborhood type of market that is nearly as well stocked as a typical supermarket.  I like the smaller size of it and the selections as well as the prices.  Their meat is hormone and antibiotic free and they stock a good selection of ready made meals.  I know there's another fresh & easy market on Alma School and University in Mesa.  There's two other markets in Mesa as well but I can't remember their locations right now.


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Thanks for reporting in.  I have been hearing a lot about Fresh n Easy but haven't yet had the opportunity to check it out.  I'll have to go soon!

Dee McCaffrey
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