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I would like to ask Mrs.McCaffrey about a point in her amazing book (The sciense of Skinny)

She had recommended to use Stevia as the best sweetener among all other healthy sweeteners.

My question is: is it acceptable to use
artificial stevia which is packed and found in supermarkets or should we use only the natural one



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Hello Silver, welcome to the forum!  The best type of stevia that I recommend is the liquid extract that comes in a dropper bottle, and preferably the brand called Sweet Leaf. It has the best taste and is extracted into water.  Some other brands of liquid stevia extracts are extracted into alcohol or glycerin, and some people find they have a funny aftertaste.

In my opinion, it not acceptable to use any artificial sweeteners.

When you say "artificial stevia" I assume you are referring to the products called Truvia and PureVia, which I DO NOT recommend (see pages 83-84 of my book The Science of Skinny).  I also DO NOT recommend a product called Stevia in the Raw, which is a powdered form of stevia blended with refined sugar, which is definitely not healthy.


Dee McCaffrey
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