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I have heard some talk on the news and a friend told me that arsenic is found in brown rice? Brown Rice syrup I believe what was on the news. What is your findings on this topic? Should I be concerned about eating brown rice? Should I avoid if I see it on an ingredient label? What about items such as Erewhon Brown Rice cereal?

Thanks Dee 


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My findings are probably the same as every other nutritionist at this point--we are all trying to find out more information about this very new report of arsenic in organic brown rice.  I have read all the articles and also searched around to some other websites looking for what researchers and rice companies are saying about it.

The thing to remember is that arsenic will be much more concentrated in brown rice syrup than in whole grain brown rice.  We should all be minimizing our intake of ANY kind of sweetener, even brown rice syrup, so 

I found a wealth of information on the website for Lundberg Family Farms, one of my preferred brands of organic brown rice and organic brown rice syrup.  They have responded very quickly and responsibly to this news report and have provided a wealth of information and links to research on their website.  I encourage you to check it out.  

You may also want to check out this article from Environmental Health Perspectives which found that "a white rice sample from Louisiana ranked highest in total arsenic (0.66 μg/g), and an organic brown rice from California ranked lowest (0.10 μg/g)."  I think there is more to learn about this and we really just need to be aware of where our brown rice comes from.

As with anything, I always recommend variety and moderation.  Don't eat brown rice products to excess, and especially don't eat brown rice syrup every day.  All sweeteners are to be occasional, not daily.

Dee McCaffrey

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I was catching up on reading and saw a 6 page article on this subject "Arsenic in your Food" in Consumer Reports from November 2012, page 22. It's a disturbing article. I had started eating more brown rice but now see that it has the highest arsenic content. They suggest to rinse before cooking to remove 30% of the rice's inorganic arsenic content. I use Bird's Eye frozen brown rice in the steam fresh bag at work for convenience-- can't rinse that. What a bummer! Now I will have to, as Dee suggests, eat it less often.
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