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The fast-food industry is in Arizona working to affect legislation that will prevent AZ cities and counties to address unhealthy fast food kid meals.

This bill, HB 2490 was passed by the Arizona House of Representatives earlier this month (March 2011). The bill will soon be voted on by the full Senate.

If passed, this legislation will eliminate the ability for Arizona Cities and Counties to address childhood obesity and address the effect of joining kids toys with trans-fat laden fare.

Please email or call your local Senator right now against the Fast Food Industry meddling with Arizona law.

To find the email of your local Senator, click here:

If you don’t know what district you are in, you can find out by clicking here:

Thank you for participating in our children’s health!

Sincerely yours,

Michael McCaffrey, Co-Founder, Center for Processed-Free Living


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In addition to submitting their scientific arguments against artificial food coloring, the Center submitted 987 names of U.S, citizens who signed the Center's online petition against these colorings and other artificial additives...

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