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I am considering purchasing the brownie mix since it has been over six months since I ate it. I am concerned about the sugars in it affecting my blood sugar and insulin levels. I am craving brownies so badly that every day I think about them more.

I have a very important question: If I add a bunch of cinnamon to the brownie mix, will the cinnamon control my insulin and blood sugar levels? Sort of like a net sugars. There are articles saying that consuming cinnamon controls your blood and insulin levels. What about consuming fiber before or after, will that combat some of the sugars in the brownie mix? I read that fiber helps control the blood and insulin levels as well.

Second question is: The brownie mix calls for some oil, I used top quality egg whites in place of the oil and it worked out last time. If I were to add oil, can I use the Spectrum Naturals brand extra virgin olive oil I bought since it says on the bottle that it will tolerate up to 350 degree heat. I believe the recipe calls for about that temperature if not a 325 degree setting on the oven.

Last question is if you do not consider Back to Nature brownie mix and why, what would you recommend? There must be a way to enjoy brownies and cookies without being concerned about anything. The Back to Nature brownie mix contains evaporated cane juice and it is organic.


Zachary Knop

Zachary Knop

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I am sorry to say that there is no way to really eat brownies and cookies without concern.  Since brownies and cookies are not real whole foods, they should be eaten only occasionally, and not on a regular basis.  Adding cinnamon to counter the effects of rising blood sugar is not the answer.  Cinnamon is used to regulate blood sugar levels in people who are not eating a lot of sugar.  It can't be applied in the way that you are suggesting.


I'm not familiar with the mix you are asking about, but I do know that evaporated cane juice is not the healthiest sugar.  You would do better to use a brownie recipe from a cookbook and substitute the processed and refined ingredients with whole wheat pastry flour, Rapadura sugar, unsweetened baker's chocolate and unsweetened cocoa powder.  You never want to use olive oil in a recipe for baking.  Use coconut oil instead, your brownies will taste wonderful.

Dee McCaffrey
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