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According to the dangers of teflon, non-stick coating, etc. I had discarded all my coated pots and pans the other day and bought a new stainless steel pot set. Nice and shiny! Professional looking!

My question is what about the dishes for brownies, cookie sheets and muffin pans? You mentioned to put some coconut oil on the bottom if not using the paper cups. I saw glass ones and I bought a glass Pyrex for baking pies so far since I will watch your demonstration on television on November 20th. I never saw glass cookie pans anywhere but I saw glass brownie shaped (square) dishes and 9 X 5 loaf glass pans for something like pumpkin bread. I assume you just put some coconut oil on the bottom of these glass bakeware so the recipe will not stick, right? The bright coated looking tin sheets I believe have the same dangers since you mentioned about the dangers of cooking with aluminum which is part of tin. I believe the light gray colored cookie sheets have the same danger as the coated pots and pans, right? What about parchment paper? What about the pastel colored paper or holiday design muffin cups, I mean are we eating the dye or the color by consuming the bottom of the muffin? I know not to use the foil muffin cups because they are aluminum? How about the big aluminum turkey pans for roasting a turkey, do I have to find a glass one?

You know it is amazing how much Pam spray I sell at my store! How can anyone consume "propellent" and even allow that chemical in their body? It is that simple like you say, use coconut oil to prevent sticking or you were talking about the paper cups for muffins.



P.S. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Zachary Knop

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Glass pyrex baking dishes are great, as are corningware and earthen ware.  I use stainless steel cookie sheets.  Parchment paper is safe to use.  I use the white paper muffins cups when necessary, but most often just oil the muffins pan with coconut oil.  I suppose you would be eating the dye in colored muffin cups, but I would say that it's safer to use the paper cups than to use an aluminum pan.  Sometimes we have to choose between the lesser of two evils.


Stainless steel roasting pans for turkeys can be purchased at cooking stores.  In fact, I just saw one advertised at Sweet Basil Gourmetware and Cooking School in Scottsdale.

Dee McCaffrey
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