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Quick question! My baby is 8 months old and i am nursing her. I am planning on starting March 1st with Plan D and was wondering if I needed to make any modifications since I am breastfeeding. I would hate for my supply to drop at all. I am mostly concerned about the first 2 weeks with the stricter food guidelines. Thanks!
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Hi Mamashawna,

Thanks for posting.  I just answered a question similar to yours recently here in the forum.  Her question had to do with the detox portion of the plan, which is the first two week phase.  She was concerned more with toxins being released into her milk rather than a drop in supply, but here was my answer:

Improving your diet is the best thing you can do.  The higher quality your diet, the higher quality milk you produce.  Improving your diet won't cause too many toxins to concentrate in your breast milk, but doing anything more aggressive than that will.  Morning lemon water is fine, but I don't recommend taking the milk thistle, dandelion root, or any other detox type supplements while breastfeeding.  Drinking plenty of water and increasing green vegetables will help to break down toxins into non-toxic substances. 

As for the food portions, you will probably need more food, depending on what your body size is.  A short small woman obviously needs less food that a larger tall woman.  I would up the grains and starchy vegetables to three to four servings per day.  Maybe even additional fruit.  Make sure you get enough calcium from green leafy vegetables and organic plain yogurt.


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