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Hi Dee,

A very dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer and will soon  undergo surgery and chemo treatment. I listened to one of your podcasts about Spirulina and Chlorella and how the two can reverse cancer. I know you are NOT  doctor but I was hoping I can educate my friend with these two anti-cancer foods which she can consume in conjunction with her chemo treatment. Do you recommend any particular brand name for these two superfoods?


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In conjunction with her chemo treatment, she will need to do more than just take spirulina and chlorella.  The entire diet will need to change--and the more alkaline the better.  She should see a naturopathic physician to help with a treatment plan.

NOW is a wonderful and reputable supplement company that offers both organic spirulina and organic chlorella.

You may want to check out Mike Adams' (The Health Ranger) very comprehensive website on spirulina and chlorella health benefits.

Dee McCaffrey
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