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Hello Dee,

What is your opinion about the low-carb vs. low-fat diet? The low-carb folks say that eating grains (even whole grains) and starchy veggies can make us fat due to the high insulin release... 

The low-fat advocates say that eating whole grains is actually very good for us but we must avoid fatty foods (i.e. whole eggs). 

I also read a book called, 'The Harcombe Diet' where the author claims that we can eat fats and carbs, but not together in a meal... She says that our meal must either be a carb meal or a fat meal...For example, if choosing a carb meal, there mustn't be any animal-based foods (i.e. chicken, cheese)... If choosing a fat meal, there mustn't be any grains or legumes... 

I am an athlete and I eat processed-free foods (thanks to your book!), but I am looking to burn off the stubborn lower abdominal fat that I've been struggling with for quite some time now... Based on the diet fads circulating the net, I don't know if eating a whole sweet potato is good or bad for me, and I don't know if eating a whole organic free range egg is good or bad for me... I'm confused! 


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