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Where can I find coconut oil that is liquid at room temperature?  (Although I live in Colorado I spend the winters in Mesa and have friends there that can shop for me.)


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Hi Linda,

Thanks for your question.  You are most likely referring to the ingredients in my cookbook that call for coconut oil (liquid at room temperature).  This only means that the coconut oil is easiest to work with when it is in a liquid state.  Cocount oil is usually solid at temperatures less than 78 degrees. If you keep your home cooler than 78 degrees the coconut oil will be in a solid form in your cupboard.  To change it into a liquid state, all you need to do is slightly heat some of it either on the stove or by placing the container near a heat source.  Here in Arizona, the coconut oil in my cupboard during the summer months is definately in the liquid state at room temperature.  So, to answer your question, there is no special coconut oil that you need to buy, although if your friends here purchased it at this time of year, by the time it gets to you it will definately be liquid!  Thanks again for your question, and please feel free to post any questions or comments on the message board.  Dee

Dee McCaffrey
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