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  Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on  colon hydrotherapy?  Im thinking of getting that done to cleanse myself 100% before I start up living a healthier lifestyle.


Your Friend, Nutrition Missionary & Fellow Health Seeker Tanner B Goodsell

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Hi Tanner,

I have thoughts and experience with colon hydrotherapy.  I highly recommend it! It is truly one of the best ways to cleanse, but you should know that it works best if you do it in a series of several sessions.  You won't get much benefit from only having one colonic, especially if you've never had one before.  A series can be three, six, or more colonics done over a period of time, typically once or twice per week.

You should do some reading about it so that you know what to expect.  Here's a good website with description


Dee McCaffrey
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