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Hi Dee,
Could you please explain what you meant in your book, "The Science of Skinny", page 159, 7th line from the bottom of the page, where you say that CLA "helps convert fat to lean muscle tissue"?  Fat tissue can't be converted to muscle tissue so that sentence almost caused me to put the book down and not finish it.  

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Hi Debbie, 

Thanks for your question.  This sentence will most likely be one for the editors to change when we have an opportunity to update the book.  It is just a matter of incorrect meaning of the word fat.

CLA works by first reducing the body's ability to store fat by increasing basal metabolic rates. It helps the body convert food (fats, carbs and proteins) more efficiently into energy. In other words, it trains the body to turn (convert) foods into lean muscle, not fat.

It helps speed up the body's fat metabolism so more fat gets flushed out of the system, instead of getting deposited in our cells. CLA also helps the body to metabolize existing fat deposits – a key to losing fat. Better yet, CLA increases the proportion of lean muscle to fat in our bodies. And because muscle burns more calories than fat, CLA can create a positive domino effect...the more muscle created in the body, the more calories that get burned.

To read more about CLA and the studies, you can go to:



Dee McCaffrey

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Thanks so much for your reply, Dee.  

Kind regards,
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