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Hello Dee,

Thanks for always answering our questions so quickly!  I have two things I wanted to ask you.  The first is that I have been trying to find your cookbook for several friends along with your muffins and Wild Oates and Sprouts do not seem to carry them.  Do we need to order your cookbook online?

My other question is that my husband, no matter what I cook really gets an excessive amount of gas.  Is there something you could suggest to figure this out.  Is there a way of adding more fiber or doing away with certain things or is it mostly a process of elimination.  I thought that maybe if his PH was excessively acidic maybe this would be the problem.  If you have any suggestions I would REALLY appreciate your input.

Thanks again



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Thank you for the update on the shortage of books in the Tucson area.  We will contact both Sprouts and Wild Oats stores down there to make sure they place an order with us to replenish their supply. The vitamin department at Sprouts is responsible for ordering the books, so you may ask them when they will be getting more.  It always helps when a customer puts in a request.


Gas is usually a symptom of incomplete digestion, or poor digestion.  It could be a problem in the stomach or the intestines.  Swallowing air by chewing with the mouth open, talking while chewing, or gulping down food, can cause incomplete digestion.  Also, drinking liquids with meals contributes to incomplete digestion because it dilutes the enzymes needed for digestion.  If food is not digested properly, it can ferment in the intestines, producing hydrogen and carbon dioxide.  Foods that are high in complex carbodydrates, such as grains and legumes (beans and lentils), are the primary foods responsible for gas because they are the most diffiucult to digest, and therefore more likely to produce undigested particles on which intestinal bacteria act.


Often times, poor digestion is due to a lack of digestive enzymes or a lack of stomach acid (hydrochloric acid or HCl), or both.  Many people experience relief from gas and indigestion by taking 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water prior to meals.  The apple cider vinegar adds to the stomach acid and helps break down proteins.  Adding digestive enzymes is also important.  These can be purchased at natural food markets like Sprouts and Wild Oats.  There are many digestive enzymes on the market.  The digestive enzyme I recommend is made by Garden of Life called d-Zyme™.  Digestive enzymes must be taken with the first bite of food to be effective.


The combinations of how you eat food is also important for proper digestion.  Proteins and starches are a poor combination, as are vegetables and fruits.  Milk should not be consumed with meals.  Food containing sugars, such as fruits, should not be consumed with proteins or starches.


Dee McCaffrey
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