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Well, I don't know what the deal is tonight, but I'm craving sugar like nobody's business. . . . 

I had dinner around 6 and now it's 9:15 and I can't get my head out of those cotton candy clouds  I even drank some ACV hoping it would make the craving go away. It didn't really help. BUT, now I'm on here venting, so I feel a bit better. Haha. 

I'm getting kind of tired and I've been awake since 5, so I'm going to try falling asleep. It's strange because I never really had sugar cravings before, but perhaps that was because I was constantly consuming processed foods and my body didn't have time to crave them. Anyway, I'm hoping them subside. If they don't, I'll probably just be back on here searching through posts until I get tired. 

Until then, good night cyber support system. 


--Agent of Change

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