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I've recently discovered this message board. Thank you for creating it for us Dee.  My journey to eating process free has been a twisted one. Several years ago I learned I had a candidas problem(too much yeast in my body wreaking havoc on it) and I went sugar and flour free. I felt so much better and the candidas problem was in control finally.  I lost 30 pounds and I was ecstatic. Even though I've known that sugar and flour are beyond bad for me, I'm a compulsive overeater and I get in the frame of mind that I can eat like everybody else.  Most recently I found out at a doctors visit that my blood sugar was almost 400.  I've had diabetes for a number of years but in the past I was able to control it with diet and I loathe taking presciption medication so I wouldn't stay on the meds I was prescribed. I'm taking my meds now and my blood sugar is way down.  I found a doctor who understands that I don't want to be on meds long term and she said she'd work with me to get me to the point where I can get off the meds.  The first thing I did was pick Dee's cookbook back up and I'm now eating process free.  I weigh over 300 pounds so I have a lot of weight I need to lose.  I've already lost some weight by the way my clothes feel.  I'm going to weigh myself only twice a month to keep from getting 'scale obsessive'.


Dee, I would appreciate any advice or guidelines on keeping my blood sugar under control.  I read in your cookbook that honey and syrups raise blood sugar levels so I steer clear of them.  I like eating a couple of servings of fruit each day but how much fruit is too much? 


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I have a few suggestions for you, but please keep in mind that I am not diagnosing or precscibing for diabetes.  Any information posted on this site is educational and should not replace the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

Having said that, I have had good success with helping my clients who have elevated blood sugar and diabetes.  I recommend that you read two books:  one is called "Treating Diabetes Naturally" by Dr. Michael Murray and the other is called "Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes" by Dr. Neal Barnard, MD.

Adding extra virgin coconut oil and flax oil to your diet are important, as is adding apple cider vinegar to water and drinking it before meals (as described in my cookbook).

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to do is remove all trans-fats from your diet, as trans-fats clog cell membranes and inhibit insulin from converting blood sugar to energy, thereby creating a build-up of blood sugar. If you don't know what trans-fats are, they appear on ingredient labels as "partially hydrogenated oil".  Even if a package says that is has 0 grams of trans fats, it can still contain them.  You must read the ingredient list.

Nearly all convenience foods, fast foods, packaged foods, fried foods, baked goods, non-dairy creamers, and so many other products contain these killer fats.

If you do nothing else, please do this.  It is probably what caused the diabetes and obesity, and probably what will be one of the key factors in your healing.

Thank you for joining the message board and please let us know how you are progessing.

Dee McCaffrey

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I'll be sure to get my hands on the books you reccomended Dee.  I've lost 8 pounds over the past 6 weeks eating process free.  I feel so much better.  I talked with my Dr. about my suspicion that the meds I'm taking slowing down my rate of weight loss and she comfirmed that the meds I'm taking slow down weight loss so I have a long road ahead of me but I'm going to stick to it and take care of myself.  I'm 50 years old and I have a toddler(yes...she was a huge surpise)so I'm highly motivated to make this shell of mine known as my body to last hopefully at least 40 more years.


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Hi All,
 I just finished shopping at Whole Foods and came across something very interesting. The item is called Sun Crystals which is billed as a natural sweetener made with raw cane sugar but only 4 calories per teaspoon. It combines the sugar with Erythritol. It seems Erythritol is harmless but I don't remember Dee talking about that sweetener. Can you use it just like "normal" sugar can be used.(baking?)
  If anyone knows about this it would really help with my husbands blood glucose levels.

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I've also had problems with candida (and BV) in the recent past, and the only thing that seems to help is when I reduce my sugar intake. I don't have full-blown diabetes or a family history of it, but my mom was diagnosed gestationally diabetic with two of her three babies (I was one of them) and I can't help but wonder if I've been headed in that direction...

I found this article about foods that lower blood sugar - and of the 11 listed, I've been craving 7 of them: Avocado, Garlic, Nuts, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Vinegar. In fact, before I started seeking better nutrition and before I ran into Plan-D, I went through a phase last year where I ate avocado until I had heartburn! My body was trying to tell me something, but I wasn't clued in, yet.

I think eating these foods has definitely supported my system in a way which helps it combat candida and other bacterial overgrowth issues.

About erythritol: check out this article on MedicineNet - although erythritol is only mentioned once, in a table about sugar alcohols, I found it interesting. I found some other resources online, like has a listing in its chemical database about erythritol. Wikipedia has an article about sugar alcohols. Overall, the data out there seems to say, in 'small words' (ie, simple, non-technical terms), erythritol is safe, and maybe more beneficial than some of the other sugar alcohols.


After reading up on sugar alcohols, the core question I was left asking myself was, are you okay with eating this? My answer: um, no. Sugar alcohols are naturally occurring in fruits and fermented foods. But I could never eat enough fruits and fermented foods in one sitting to equal the amount I can buy in a serving or two or a processed food product. Anything over the naturally occurring amounts of sugar alcohols can cause bowel distress (diarrhea, flatulence). If you've ever watched anyone on Atkins eat their way through a bag of 'sugar free' candies only to end up in the bathroom a half hour later - well, that's convincing enough for me that sugar alcohols in a processed form can't be that great for you.

Processed sugar substances are meant to be an alternative to the refined sugar - but the real, beneficial alternatives are the ones Dee recommends in her book. Sugars like the ones you can't eat a lot of before your body says, 'that's enough, I'm good' (like honey) or which have an inherent blood sugar regulating quality (like stevia) are hands down a better choice, in my opinion.

Edited to add: Dee answered a question about xylitol (another sugar alcohol) in the Questions to Dee area of the forum which you might find interesting.
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