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Just wanted to double check that eating pancakes that are sort of burnt is no issue at all. If I am not mistaken I thought I read an article months ago about the negatives of eating burnt toast. The article could be entirely about something else but I wanted to just make sure. Sometimes I cook the cakes until they are slightly burnt because the wheat mix and the liquids have a very unattractive scent and one time I tasted it and it was gross since I did not cook the cake completely.

One thing I started doing in order to avoid the evaporated cane juice was that I squeezed two oranges and combine the juice with some flavored water along with two egg whites for the wheat mix. It was delicious and I spread some organic peanut butter on it after I chilled the cakes in the refrigerator. The spreaded peanut butter on the cakes is real close to eating a peanut butter sandwich!



Zachary Knop

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Eating burned pancakes or toast is probably not harmful, but nobody really knows since burned toast isn't high on the research agenda.


One potential worry is a class of chemicals called acrylamides, recently established as probable carcinogens. Perhaps this is what you read about in the magazine article.  Acrylamides are found in starchy foods exposed to high cooking temperatures, such as potato chips or French fries. Theoretically, acrylamides could be a problem in burned toast, too.


If you're worried about it, scrape the burned stuff off your pancakes.  But, so far at least, there's not much evidence that burned toast is a health hazard. When I heat my whole wheat tortillas on my stovetop, I acutally like them to burn a little bit because I like the burned crispy parts.  I guess we'll both find out in the future whether eating burned tortillas and pancakes is harmful.


Your peanut butter "panwich" sounds wonderful!

Dee McCaffrey
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