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Just read this months issue about the myths surrounding canola oil ! Dee what are your thoughts on this article! They are saying it is safe!!!

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I don't subscribe to this magazine so I don't have a copy to look at to see what they are saying about canola oil.  However, it is not likely that I will change my stance on canola oil.  Have you read my recent article on why organic canola oil is still not a good choice?  Here's the link

Also, check out the video I mentioned in my article on how canola oil is made: 

After watching the video, I don't see how anyone could think there's anything good about canola oil, or any processed cooking oil for that matter.

Compare what I've presented in my article to what is presented in the Eating Well magazine article, and then let me know if it's worth me going and buying the Eating Well magazine to see what they say about canola oil being safe.


Dee McCaffrey
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