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I ride my bicycle a lot. A typical commute into the office can be quantified as 40 km (25 mi.), and about 800-1000 calories burned. On a typical weekend ride I may burn up to 3,000 calories. Then there's the occasional run and/or swim too.

At 182 cm (just shy of six feet) and 177ish pounds I'll slim down some more, but I'm pretty close to where I'd like to be. (I topped out at 213 lbs a few years ago)

So, as you can imagine, the question is this: Where do i increase my intake? More whole grains, quality protein, fat, etc? And by how much?

what about sugar "during" activity? like a Coke or Red Bull (I see this during the Tour de France as well as Ironman events)

Some guidlines would be helpful.


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