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Hi Dee,


This message board is so exciting!  Just got on line this a.m. to sign up for the advanced label reading class and discovered this new feature.  THANK YOU!!!


Now the question - I noticed you were addressing pastas in another response - how do you feel about the new Ezekiel 4:9 pastas?  I have bought some fettuccine and some penne, but have not used them yet - I assumed they would work for that "pasta fix" since they were from the sprouted grains, but maybe not?  Looking forward to seeing you again on the 22nd.  Kim


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Hi Kim,

Thanks for your question.  It's great to hear from you too.  The Ezekiel 4:9 pastas are definately legal for a flourless diet.  I have gotten mixed reviews from students who have tried them.  Some really love them and some didn't. I think it is all a matter of taste and preference.  Please let me know what you think.  I'm going to start a tally to see what the concensus is for the Ezekiel pastas.  I am not a pasta eater, so I cannot give a firsthand account for their taste.  I am also looking forward to seeing you at the Label Reading class.  It's going to be quite revealing, I'm so glad you will be attending.   Dee

Dee McCaffrey
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