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I'm not a Mormon although one might think I was from seeing my "Mormon food pantry".  I do buy some food in bulk and keep a bit of a pantry.  I've been going through and throwing out things with the ingredient lists which are so iffy.  I know there are issues with keeping food which is not fresh but I don't know exactly how to evaluate that.  I'd surely like to see an outline of some simple rules for managing food stores.  And in particular, some mandates for when they should be discarded.  I believe that I should have established a habit of freezing some things which I do not.  I've started freezing my brown rice, for example.  And I bet Dee would say to refrigerate most or all fats and oils.  And maybe air tight (Gamma Seal) buckets for grains?  And maybe for beans too?  I suspect I have some rancid grains, seeds, or oils but I'm not sure and don't know whether I can tell.  If I sprout them, then can I assume they're OK?  Any help I can get here will be appreciated since I need to clean house of stuff we should no longer use.

Kathleen Corum

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Where are you from? I could hook you up with some experts on food storage if you would like? I have always loved the concept of food storage! And when me and my partner get done with school and settled in a permanenet place we plan on doing it full scale =)

Your Friend, Nutrition Missionary & Fellow Health Seeker Tanner B Goodsell
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