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What brand green tea do you buy? Is it really preferable to purchase organic. It seems like there would never be chemicals, etc. in tea leaves. Do I have to be concerned about any of those chemicals, etc. in Lipton, Bigelow, etc. green teas or even white teas?

Can you tell me what brand cold green tea beverage you buy because every single one I looked at such as Honest Tea at Bashas, Snapple (added sugar), Pom black or green tea, and other brands either have fructose or evaporated cane juice in it and sometimes corn syrups.

Do you have a recipe that would put together an awesome green tea beverage that has that original rich citrus tea leave flavor. I have seen people make thier own tea by buying one of those sun tea containers and leaving it outside to brew?

The benefits of drinking green tea is absolutely incredible! One other new benefit I just found out the other day is that drinking green tea prolongs the protection of your skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

Once again, does it really have to be organic or is there chemicals, etc. in Lipton, Bigelow?

Zachary Knop

Zachary Knop

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I drink an abundance of green tea.  I like the jasmine green tea that is a staple of the chinese diet.  I buy it as a loose tea that comes in a tin canister and I brew the tea using a tea ball.  I buy the tea from an Asian market called LeeLee Market located in Tempe at he intersection of Dobson Rd. and Warner Rd.


I don't buy bottled iced teas.  I make my own, using an iced tea maker or a sun tea container.


I think organic anything is better than conventional.

Dee McCaffrey
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