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I had to include this as one as my questions since the news on television the other day talked about buying organic produce.

Did not get a chance to jot the information down since I was busy in the kitchen. Do you know exactly which type the news said not to buy and what to buy? I cannot imagine anybody would talk about not buying certain organic produce. I think I only saw one not to buy and it is broccoli. I have been eating 3-4 organic apples a day 5 days a week sprinkled with lots of ground cinnamon.


Zachary Knop

Zachary Knop

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Each year, the Environmental Working Group conducts an extensive study to determine which produce are the most and least contaminated.  From the data, they compile a list of which should be eaten organic and which are OK to eat conventional.


Buy these organic (in order of most to least contaminated):

peaches, apples, bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, pears, grapes (imported), spinach, lettuce, potatoes


Conventionally grown OK (in order of cleanest to least clean):

onion, avocado, sweet corn (frozen), pineapple, mango, asparagus, peas (frozen), kiwi fruit, bananas, cabbage, broccoli, papaya.



If you want the full list, you can download it from

Dee McCaffrey
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