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Hi! My husband and I just finished the 2 week cleanse a week ago! (lost a combined total of 18 pounds) And we were wanting to start incorporating juicing into our diet but are unsure of the best way to do that. I have read other places that replacing a meal with juice is how to go about doing it but I am not sure how I would fit in all the other things we need to eat in a day if we do that. Any advice would be great!

Also one other quick question. I have seen with a few clean eating type lifestyles that it is recommended to do 80% on and 20% off. What are your thoughts on that. I get nervous that I would start all over on my refined sugar/flour addictions if I ate foods with those things in them. Thanks! Your book is saving our family! 

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Hello Mamashawna,

Unless a person is sick and in need of healing, I don't recommend using fresh juices as a meal replacement.  They can be incorporated as a supplement to your daily foods.  For instance, you can drink a glass of freshly juiced vegetables, before or with your regular lunch.  

Since juices are water and nutrients from vegetables mainly, you can add them to your diet without adding many calories at all.  This is why I say that vegetables are unlimited, as long as you don't overstuff your stomach.  It's never a good idea to overeat.  It puts too much stress on the digestive system.

I don't recommend purposefully choosing an 80/20 lifestyle.  As I mentioned in The Science of Skinny, unhealthy eating can negate the hard earned health benefits of healthy eating.  And processed foods trigger addicitions and unhealthy behaviors that may take us off track.

However, we are all occasionally faced with food choices that may be counter to our processed-free lifestyle.  In those instances we have to make the BEST choice possible.

I have learned to live with some guidelines and boundaries that help me stay processed-free.  When I want a cookie, instead of going out an buying a package, I make them myself using healthy non-processed ingredients.  The same for when I want a pizza, muffin, chocolate, etc.

One of the best messages in my book is that you can live processed-free and still enjoy delicious foods, snacks, and treats!


Dee McCaffrey
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