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According to the writeup regarding the buttery spread and our cardiovasular system along with preventative heart diseases, I was curious about the saturated fat content in organic unsalted butter. Is it a concern?

For the upcoming holidays beginning with Thanksgiving I plan to bake the most awesome pumpkin muffin recipes or pumpkin breads using King Arthur Stone Ground Whole Wheat Mix (flour), Rumsford non-aluminum baking powder, Omega 3 egg whites, organic pumpkin puree plain, various pumpkin spices, organic raw honey and possibly the unsalted organic butter or just the honey will sweeten it enough. Zen's bakery from Los Angeles, California uses juices to sweetened thier muffins that I bought from Whole Foods market without any type of added sugars, etc. I may consider organic bananas mashed for banana muffins or even the organic orange juice from Safeway to sweeten the pumpkin muffin along with some organic raw honey.

If possible, can you email me some healthy pumpkin muffin recipes or even pumpkin bread? I just love pumpkin!

Thank you,


Zachary Knop

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You may want to listen to my podcast show about Butter (October 23rd Butter is Better at  You'll learn that there is no concern about the saturated fat in organic butter.


Your recipe sounds good, although I want to point out that there is no omega-3 in the egg whites.  The omega-3 in eggs is contained in the yolks, since that is where the good fat is contained. Egg whites are fat free.


I have posted a recipe for Pumpkin- Cranberry Muffins in the message board section on Tasty Recipes.


Dee McCaffrey
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