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I was diagnosed in 2008 with leaky gut syndrome.  I began working on a healthier diet and taking some probiotics.  However in the past year, I've gone to a gluten and dairy free diet only to move away and be in an environment that doesn't provide much opportunity to eat that healthy.  Now I'm moving out to California where the access to healthy foods and restaurants is abundant.  My question is...I've not seen anything on this website in reference to this problem and wonder if anyone might have some insight on the best way to heal the intestines keep them healed.  Thank you!

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This is a big question that requires a more in-depth answer than what I will give here, but I can recommend a few helpful pointers.

You need to remove all the main food allergens from your diet (gluten, soy, dairy, corn, etc) and follow the rules of food combining, which means that you should eat certain foods separately from others.  I covered this in The Science of Skinny on pages 311-313.  If you have leaky gut, food combining should be strictly followed.

Foods that are good healers are beets, avocados, sweet potatoes and yukon gold potatoes, and oats.

Slippery elm is an herb that soothes and heals the entire digestive tract. From mouth to colon, it acts as a lubricant and protectant, making it an excellent choice for any inflammation or ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract.  The best way to take it is to drink it as a tea.

If not already taking digestive enzymes, you should be.  A good digestive enzyme supplement should contain protease (at least 20,000 H.U.T.), amylase and lipase, as well as papaya and bromelain.  Other ingredients the digestive enzyme formula might include soothing herbs like slippery elm and marshmallow.  Additionally, a good digestive enzyme would contain glutamine (an amino acid) and N-acetyl-glucosamine, which helps soothe an irritated mucosal lining.

Take a probiotic supplement with mulitple strains as a daily supplement.  It should contain between 15 to 50 billion cultures.

Also, the AC Vinegar tonic is important before meals to help with digestion.



Dee McCaffrey

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Thank you so much for the quick reply. I am in the process of reading the Science of Skinny. I have not gotten to that part yet. But I will go read it as soon as possible. And I will find the tea. Indo already take the probiotic daily but not the pills with glutamine. I'll find one with the ingredients you listed and as soon as my move is complete next week, I'll beging the tonic.


Leigh Ann

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Dee...I couldn't find what type of probiotic supplement you recommend. Can you please advise? Thx! Also what is your opinion on Dr. Axe leaky gut types?

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I know Dee is a fan of Garden of Life probiotics and that is what I use, specifically this one
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