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The Center for Processed-Free Living, in partnership with St Luke’s Health Initiative, is looking for approximately 6 - 7 organizations that bring a unique insight into combating obesity and can help us produce a lasting collaborative effort to combat obesity in Arizona.

Please let us know if your organization or another that you are aware of should be part of this conversation.


Purpose, Participants, and Parameters

of TAP Alliance Group on Combating Obesity



“Large-scale social change comes from better cross-sector coordination rather than from the isolated intervention of individual organizations.”


- John Kania and Mark Kramer “Collective Impact”, Stanford Social Innovation Review Winter 2011


The Center for Processed-Free Living has been in discussions with St Luke’s Health Initiative about assembling a group of community organizations to deliver large scale multi-stakeholder social change in the area of healthful eating resulting in the reduction of Arizona’s obesity problem.

This discussion would commence Fall 2011 via St. Luke’s TAP Alliance Group program and conclude by year-end.

The St. Luke’s TAP Alliance Group program is free for all participants. The program is a total of 12 hours (usually broken up into two hour segments) where, in this case, Social Enterprise Expert Gayle Pincus will lead the process.

The Center for Processed-Free Living is an Arizona-based 501(c)(3) that teaches individuals how to teach adults and children how to eat more healthfully. The program for children was designed with the Boys and Girls Clubs in mind and has been well received since 2007. The program for adults has also been successful for as many years.

Purpose of the Alliance Group:

Purpose is to create a network of dedicated organizations that are willing to pilot a comprehensive program which promotes behavior change and results in a decrease in body mass among participants.


Potential Participants:

·        Blue Cross

·        Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale

·        Center for Processed-Free Living

·        ?

·        ?

·        ?

·        ?


Parameters to Pursue:


Citing the Stanford Social Innovation Review Winter 2011 article from John Kania and Mark Kramer “Collective Impact”, we should pursue these parameters for making lasting change:

1.     Seek a Common Agenda (are we all on the same page on what the agenda of this pilot is)

2.     Shared Measurement Systems (can we agree on the measurements for success)

3.     Mutually Reinforcing Activities (“each stakeholder’s efforts must fit into an overarching plan if their combined efforts are to succeed.”)

4.     Continuous Communication (“All the collective impact initiatives we have studied held monthly or biweekly in-person meetings among the organization’s CEO-level leaders”)

5.     Backbone Support Organization (“Coordination takes time, and none of the participating organizations has any to spare. The expectation that collaboration can occur without supporting infrastructure is one of the most frequent reasons why it fails”)


What’s Next After Alliance Group Concludes:


After we agree on the roles, the parameters, the length of the pilot, and the expected costs, we’ll have documentation to be able to pursue a SLHI Community Grant in February 2012 to help fund the pilot.  If the costs of the pilot exceed the grant amount, expectations are that some of the participants would provide supplemental funding.

How to Participate:

Contact Michael McCaffrey of the Center for Processed-Free Living by end of day September 26th, 2011 at or 602-510-3404.

Link to Stanford Article on Collaborative Impact:


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