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I feel so blessed to have found Plan-D.  Got it in my local library August, 2010.  I have searched and read many books on weight loss help.  This is the first book that is right for me.  I care about nutrition not just loosing weight.  I have hypothroidism.  My cholestrol, blood pressure has improved so much since this program that the nurse asked me what in the  world did I do and believe me I told her!  The weight loss is slow but coming along.  I belong to TOPS for support.  I gave up diet soda last August right before reading the book.  I still miss it everyday and I only drank one a day (12oz) but loved it so much.  I haven't done pure water yet but will.  I'm not perfect with food combining but am better.  I had given up sugar and white flour years ago when I was in OA for a while so that part was easy.  I don't have much of a sweet tooth.  I love bread and fried foods having been brought up on Southern fried everything.  I will have another blood test in May for the St. Luke's Women in Training program, so far I have the best results of all the participants. (year long program. I tried to lower my numbers since 2000 and nothing worked and I refused medication so I am delighted that Plan-D is soooooo good for my health.  I don't need any other diet book.  


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Hi Annie,

This is Dee!  I just want to welcome you to the message board forum and tell you how touched I am by the transformation in your health just since August!  WOW, what a testament to the healing power of real, natural FOOD.  You have made such great progress in such a short time.

Just remember to be gentle with yourself--making this transformation is a process to be taken one day at a time.  Changes are to be achieved gradually, as an understanding of food and your own needs deepens.  Sounds like you have a great positive mental attitude and are committed to your process.  That is the best recipe for long term success!

Thank you so much for posting your "introduction."  It warmed both Michael's and my heart when we read it.  I hope that you come back to this site often to share your experiences or ask questions.

Best of Health,

Dee McCaffrey
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