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Does anyone have any suggestions to top vegetables?  Other than shredded cheese?  I know you can put some oil on, but what kind?  and what else?  I love veggies of all kinds and use natural peanut butter with carrots and celery sticks and apples.  But at night with dinner, I always used butter.  I still do, but have cut down the amount.  Need an alternative.  Ideas anyone?


Thanks so much!



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I like to use a marinara sauce (spaghetti sauce) on top of the vegetables.  It really tastes great, is acutally adding more vegetables, and you can use as much of it as you like since it is very low in calories and high in nutrient value. You can buy a jar of Classico Tomato and Basil marinara sauce, which is the  only one that does not have sugar in it.  Or, you can make up a batch of Dee's No Sugar Marinara Sauce (p.126 of my cookbook)  and keep it in your fridge or freezer.


Drizzle warm coconut oil over the veggies and sprinkle them with some Thai seasoning.  You can also grind some nuts, like almonds or peanuts, and sprinkle those on too.


Olive oil or grapeseed oil mixed with some dried basil tastes great.


Try these and let me know if you like them.

Dee McCaffrey

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Thanks Dee, I will give those ideas a try!




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Instead of butter, try switching to ghee (clarified butter).  You will want to melt it at low temp to pour over your veggies at the table.  Try cooking your vegetables in ghee instead of olive oil, and you may find you don't need to add more at the table.  See recipe below.

Also, try squeezing fresh lime juice over your vegetables, either while cooking, or at the table (or both).  We really like that added bit of flavor.

You can buy ghee at health food stores (such as Sprouts and Whole Foods), but it is very expensive (about $12 per pound).  If you make it yourself, you pay only the cost of organic butter, which is usually less than half that, and it's very simple to make.

(Clarified butter)

Melt unsalted organic butter on medium low heat in a heavy-bottomed sauce pan or double boiler.  Be careful to not let it burn.  (I make 1/2 pound at a time, to keep it fresher, and use my heavy Calphalon skillet.  That lasts about a week at my house, cooking for two.)

As the butter begins to heat up, you will hear a popping sound as the milk solids rise to the surface.  Sediment forms on the bottom, foam forms on the top.   When you can see the sediment at the bottom of the pan while pushing the foam aside, the ghee is done.  This may take about 30 minutes, but do not leave the room, or your ghee will burn.  It should be a beautiful golden color.  Do not let it cook long enough to turn tan.

Take off heat, pour through cheesecloth or a cotton handkerchief placed into a wire mesh strainer, into a stainless steel bowl or Pyrex container (I use my Pyrex measuring cup). Stop pouring and discard the remainder just before the solids at the bottom of the pan start to pour onto the cheesecloth.

Do NOT let it sit in the hot pot.  Strain it immediately after taking it off the heat. 

The liquid remaining is ghee, or clarified butter.  Store in a glass container (not plastic) with a lid, at room temperature.  If you put it in the refrigerator, it will re-solidify and be much harder to spoon out of the container.

Ghee should be pure gold in color.  If it is tan, then it has been overcooked.  Don't worry, most people do this with their first batch.

Clarity of ghee is important in cooking.  When the ghee is clear, it indicates that any water has been removed, and the heat is just right for bringing out all the benefits of your spices.  If  you take it off the heat before all the water has been removed, you may find that after about a week at room temperature, the ghee may begin to mold.

When you cook with ghee, place your ghee (1 tsp to 1 Tbsp) in the pan first, then stir in the spices and heat on med heat just until it releases the aroma of the spices.  Then add other ingredients. 


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