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I am starting the detox for the first time this holiday weekend, July 4th weekend, and while I understand it is best to avoid caffeine, can I still have the Yerba mate?  I see it on the list of beverages allowed, however, it does have caffeine in it.  Any advice/help is appreciated! 

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Hi Kay,

Congrats to you for deciding to start the detox! Yes, you can have the yerba mate tea, even though it has caffeine in it. 

Yerba mate and coffee both contain approximately 75–80 mg of caffeine per cup. However, the caffeine in yerba mate seems to work differently within the body. While several cups of coffee easily cause jitters and crashing effects, yerba mate has the unique dual action of stimulating and soothing, even after several servings.  This is due to the antioxidant compounds within the tea that work sort of like a time release on the caffeine, allowing it to enter the blood stream slowly over a longer period of time.  

This may be due to mate’s adaptogenic properties helping to regulate all body systems. Relaxing compounds such as theophylline and theobromine also play a role.  Because of these unique properties, yerba mate is helpful, not harmful, during a detox.

Dee McCaffrey

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Kay, this is just an aside to what you wrote, and I am glad you are doing the detox. For 10 years in Argentina I drank Yerba mate through a metal straw using a gourd! Loved it! Never tried drinking it here in the US as would be drinking it alone and in Argentina it was always with friends! Judy

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Thank-you for your replies and advice!  Detox is going great, was not difficult at all the first few days!  One thing I am considering in this process is getting off the drug, Citolapram (Celexa), as well as Gabapentin.  The first was prescribed for depression and the other was to help with sleeping.  I feel like I am in a really good place now, emotionally, I went on the medications after some very painful losses, have been on them for two years.  I tried to wean off the Citolapram more than a year ago and found I could not at that time.  Now, with doing the detox I am feeling like this would be a good time to try to go off the meds.  I have done some reading on this and saw where there are supplements that can help.  Does anyone know anything about this, have any suggestions.  Thanks once again!
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