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I am new to Plan - D and I'm having a "problem".  I can't eat all the food on Dee's Daily Check off sheet.  Does anyone have any suggestions??  And is it okay to "slowly" work into her plan?  I'm afraid if I jump in with both feet running, I'll slide and cheat, binge whatever!! )

Thank you

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Hi Suncha,

This is Dee. Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. As Plan-D is not a diet, of course you can gradually work in to it. I did not change everything all at once myself. And remember, there are several places in the book where I mention that changing the way you eat is a process to be taken one day at a time. It it not to be approached with black and white thinking or a lofty goal for perfection.

Having said that, the portion guidelines in the book are just that--guidelines. If it feels like too much food for you, then of course you should reduce the number of portions. I typically suggest cutting grains down to 1 or 2 portions per day, then reduce legumes to 1 per day. If it still feels like too much food after those cuts, then you should reduce yoir protein servings, then reduce fruit. Do it in this order for the best results. DO NOT reduce vegetables or fats, as these are the nutrients that you need the most.

I hope this helps. Again, thanks for posting!

Best of Health,

Dee McCaffrey
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