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I have just joyfully completed 4 weeks of skinny beginnings. This week, was able to try out numerous recipes from the books with great success. Now I am wondering about some of my own favorite recipes, such as the one below. Would love to get some feedback on this one:

Kele’s Oat Cakes I measure out two batches of the dry ingredients and save one to add the wet ingredients and bake later.

Mix in a large bowl:

4 cups old fashioned oats (you can grind 1 cup into flour) Planning on trying oat bran for a portion of this

1/2 cup  oat or other healthy flour. Could also be part bran or flax meal.

1 teaspoon sea salt

1/4 cup sesame seeds or finely chopped walnuts, pecans or almonds-I grind the nuts very finely, almost into a paste or nut flour

1 tsp cinnamon, dash freshly grated nutmeg, or spices of choice & stevia to taste,

1/2 cup or more  or to taste unsulfured dried fruit chopped very fine!

In a separate bowl, mix:

1 cup filtered water

1 teaspoon pure vanilla and/or 1/4 tsp pure almond extract or extracts of choice

1/3 cup extra virgin coconut oil

1 tablespoon raw honey


Emulsify water, oil and honey together using blender or emersion blender. Add to mixed dry ingredients. Stir thoroughly. Place on silpat or greased cookie sheet. Place wax paper on top and use a rolling pin to make an even layer. Remove wax paper. Score into 16 rectangular pieces. Bake at 375 F for about 20 minutes, turning once after the first ten minutes.  Cool on a rack. One oat cake would be 1/4 cup serving dry whole grain.

thanks for reading!


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WOW! Congrats on skinny beginnings! This recipe looks grrrrrrrrrreat! 
Your Friend, Nutrition Missionary & Fellow Health Seeker Tanner B Goodsell

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thanks for the feedback. I tried 4 recipes from sos today and loved them all. Very encouraged.
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