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Hi Dee,

What a nice presentation on television the other day! I made an awesome pumpkin pie the other day using 1/2 cup Rapadura (I finally bought some!), 8 ounces of Westsoy Vanilla soymilk along with the organic pumpkin puree and organic spices. It was awesome! I made it plain without the crust on a glass pyrex dish.

Question#1 If you approve using the organic butter which is made from skim milk, would you consider making a cheese pizza with organic cheese made from skim milk? What about the animal fat in the skim milk. is it a concern? I really miss eating pizza and so far I am able to make an awesome pizza crust using King Arthur's 100% hard red stone ground whole wheat, Spectrum Naturals coconut oil, Rapunzel yeast and sea salt. I spread the Basha's brand organic tomato sauce on it with organic basil. Wonderful crust! Full of fiber along with some iron and protein.

Question#2 I noticed that the Spectrum Naturals organic coconut oil offers unrefined and refined choices, I happen to buy the refined one since that is all they had plus it was on sale for only $4.99 at Fry's. What is the difference? I was a little concerned about the word, "refined" but I imagine it is healthy because the oil is from a healthy company and being organic.

Question#3 I purchased Bob's Red Mill sea salt and I imagine there is no such thing as organic sea salt, right? but is there iodine in sea salt since we need iodine?

Question#4 About the coconut oil, I noticed that sometimes when you buy it it has white particles in it and at times in the kitchen or pantry depending on the temperature of my home, the oil hardens, then it turns into liquid. It is OK to put in refrigerator then take it out and put it in the pantry then back in the refrigerator another time?



P.S. Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Zachary Knop

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I would like to add a question:  The Spectrum Organics Coconut Oil says to use medium temps with the unrefined oil, and higher temps for the refined variety.  I've only bought the refined, following your advice.  I generally use it in stir frys (wok or pan) with the stove set on high, so should I consider getting the refined oil?  I mean, will something bad happen to the unrefined oil at high temps?

Thanks, Beth

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Butter is not made from skim milk.  It is made from the milkfat (cream) that rises to the top of the milk before homogenization.  I always recommend organic butter, mainly due to the fact that toxins are more concentrated in the fat of animals, therefore if a cow is not fed organic feed, the toxins in the feed it gets will end up in it's fat thereby rendering the milkfat more toxic!


The term "skim" milk means that there is no fat in the milk.  All of the fat has been skimmed off. For this reason, if you us dairy products from conventionally fed cows, then I recommend using only skim (fat free) so you don't get as many toxins.  If you use organic dairy products, there is less exposure to toxins in the milkfat, so it is safer to use organic dairy products that do contain some fat.


The Spectrum coconut oil that is refined vs. unrefined is really OK to use.  Coconut oil, as long as it is not hydrogentated, is a great oil.  All coconut oil can be heated to about 350 degrees on stovetop and 400 degrees in the oven if used in a recipe that has some other moisture in it, like a muffin, pie, or bread.


Coconut oil is extremely stable.  It will melt at 78 degrees and turn to a clear liquid.  Putting it in the refrigerator will not harm it at all, it will just harden again.  You can do this over and over and it won't affect the oil.  However, it is not necessary to refrigerate the oil since it is extremely stable, and it you leave it in your cupboard it will probably stay in the liquid form which makes it easier to use!


Sea salt contains all of the minerals from the sea, especially iodine.

Dee McCaffrey
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