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1. I just need to reconfirm about the saturated fat content in peanut butter, 3.5g per tablespoon. Is it healthy? It must be a totally different saturated fat, the healthy one, right? Why do they call it saturated fat when the fat in peanut butter mainly is polyunsaturated and monosaturated? I eat about two tablespoons a day. With the healthy contents such as protein, fiber, Vitamin E, I imagine peanut butter is very healthy for you? It's not an animal fat? I have been purchasing the Organic peanut butter at Safeway, it is made from two different kinds of peanuts and sea salt. After the roasting process, they dump the peanut butter right into the jar and seal it to preserve the flavor. It is the best peanut butter I ever tasted!

2. What about the brand olive oils such as Carapelli, Star, Bertolli, Felip Berio, market brands as long as they say, "First cold pressing" Do you think they have a single piece of chemical, etc. because when I see the organic olive oils, it really makes me wonder? The above brands say, "Imported from Italy" on it. It is so much easier to buy the regular brands imported from Italy.

One extra question, what would you do to make one of America's favorite sandwich, a peanut butter sandwich. Orewheat, Sara Lee, Grandma Sycamore's, Milton's, Roman Meal, Country Farms, etc. all have either high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar, honey, bleached wheat flour, bleached oat flour(Milton's) too much sodium except Milton's (only 140g per slice), vegetable oils or soybean oils(they finally eliminated the hydrogenation but the problem is, when oil is heated which it is included in baking the breads, the qualities are destroyed and free radicals form) and unbleached enriched flour which is not a high quality stone ground wheat. I would like to just go to a store and purchase a loaf without any of the above and knowing that it is healthy, spread peanut butter on it and enjoy one of the best foods in America.

Zachary Knop

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The saturated fat in peanuts is healthy since it is from a plant source. The peanut contains much higher concentrations of monounsaturated fats that help to balance the type of oils in the peanut.   According to the latest research, a diet rich in peanut products can reduce your cholesterol, lower your risk of heart disease and provide protection against cancer.


Make a healthy peanut butter sandwich on sprouted grain flourless bread, available at natural food stores.  Alvarado Street Bakery and Ezekiel breads are good.  Trader Joe's has their own flourless sprouted grain bread.


I have heard reports that some olive oil is not as healthy as we may think, but I don't have any first hand data on that.  I suggest buying from a reputable company, such as Spectrum Naturals.  Their olive oil is extra virgin and can also be purchased organic.

Dee McCaffrey
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