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I typically use coconut oil but occasionally will use peanut oil.  Is Planters Peanut Oil safe to use?  I have looked at the label and the only ingredient is peanut oil but there is nothing about how it is processed.

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I like to use and have heard Dee recommend unrefined/expeller pressed peanut oil. I like to buy the whole foods brand =) Im not sure how high quality and healthful the planters brand is.
Your Friend, Nutrition Missionary & Fellow Health Seeker Tanner B Goodsell

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Most bottled oils don't say how they are processed on the bottle!  You have to be educated about how oils are refined and then know which ones are healthy and which are not.

MOST bottled oils sold in grocery stores are all highly processed oils. 

UNREFINED COLD PRESSED or EXPELLER PRESSED oils are better. But this does not mean they are suited for cooking.  Most oils are better left unheated.

Planters peanut oil is highly refined.  It is not healthy.

Dee McCaffrey
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