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Here's one of those nutrition quandaries that I find so frustrating sometimes.  This one concerns Pomegranate Juice.  On one hand, everything you read about it suggests is great for a bunch of healthy reasons.  So, naturally one would want to include it in a healthy diet.  But, has anyone ever read the label on them?  Even pure natural Pomegranate Juice has an unbelievable ton of simple carbs and sugars in it; I mean very very high.  So, the other side of the coin is that there is general agreement these days that excessive simple carbs and sugars can lead to all kinds of health problems including obesity and diabetes just to name a couple.  So, I don't get it.  These nutritional quandaries paralyze me.
Mike DeSorda

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The problem is that most studies are done with pure unadulterated juice or with the whole fruit. Then the benefits of of said juice or fruit are published. Then some food company comes along and makes a "product" containing said juice, but also adds other things to the juice like sugar and preservatives, and then markets it as a healthy drink.

This is why we eat "processed free" -- by eating foods in their closest to natural form as possible. So when you hear of a food that has good benefit, like pomegranate juice, you can get the juice just by eating the pomegranate seeds (that's where the juice is contained). Typically you don't need large amounts of any food to get its benefits.

Dee McCaffrey
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