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Hi Dee -


I have a recipe for black beans that I absolutely love (part of a Cuban dish).  However, it calls for salt pork and smoked ham hocks.  The whole pot cooks for hours, and normally at the end I get all the pork off the bones and return it to the pot.  I am wondering what you think of my cooking this dish as always, but removing the pork at the end and not actually eating the meat.  My goal would be to get the flavor of cooking with the pork, but not eating it.  Would that do any good or would all that is bad about the pork get into the dish just from the cooking process?  Hope this question makes sense.  Thank you.


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What ends up in your food is mainly the fat from the pork, which is probably the worst part.  Try using some alternative spices for your dish and see if you can do without the pork.  I use basil, oregano, and sea salt or seasoning salt called Herbamare for seasoning soups that call for a ham bone.

Dee McCaffrey
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