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Dear Dee,
I wrote to you a few weeks ago about my middle becoming a bit more round after having faithfully followed Plan D for over a year now.  Your reply was so helpful and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your dedication to helping so many learn how to take care of ourselves.  Upon your recommendation I had my hormone levels checked to see if I was estrogen dominant as you suggested.  To my great surprise, when the nurse called to give me my report she could not tell me any more than that all my levels were within normal range.  I do not mean to be uncharitable toward the nurse or my doctor.  I like them both very much, but they were not helpful in answering my questions.  I had had a lenghty discussion with the nurse prior to having the tests and she was well aware of why I had requested the check.  I told her about my nutritional plan and your wonderful answer that was leading me to further investigation.  So when she called with the report, she suggested that I write you and you would be able to answer my questions.  It is just another affirmation in my mind that there is much that needs to be changed in the medical world.  Any way,  if you could add anything to help clarify these numbers for me, I would be ever so grateful.  I am 52.  I'm still having periods.  TSH  1.44  Follicle stimulating hormone 30:3 Progesterone 0.6 Does this suggest that I am estrogen dominant?  Once I actually go through menopause will I be able to keep the extra weight away from my mid-section?  I'm not a large person and I don't want to be guilty of focusing on the wrong aspect of this nutrional plan.  I am so thankful to have learned so much through reading your book.  I wouldn't change my new eating habits.  It is just that I was really enjoying my flat tummy.  I would like to think I could get it back.  Thank you again so much for your help. 
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