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Hi, Dee - I'm new to all of this, so bear with me if you have covered this elsewhere and I just haven't read it.  What is your take on Smart Balance buttery spread?  Is it healthy or something we should avoid, perhaps use real butter instead?


Hope to see you post a class in Mesa soon!




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Smart Balance is a patented mixture of olive, soy, palm and canola oils along with chemical emulsifiers, synthetic antioxidants, and artificial flavors. It's unfortunate that soybean oil and canola oil are part of this proprietary blend.  They are both unhealthy oils.  The regular SMART BALANCE also contains vegetable diglycerides, sorbitan esters, calcium disodium EDTA and something called TBHQ.


Foods that contain mono-diglycerides should be avoided. They are merely hydrogenated oils in disguise. Very bad for you! 


Sorbitan esters are chemicals used to emulsify foods, that means it holds them together and prevents separation. 


EDTA stands for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.  EDTA can perform the following specific functions in food: sequestering metals, preventing discoloration of potato products, stabilizing vitamins, preventing discoloration of fish and shellfish, preventing flavor changes in milk, inhibiting the thickening of stored condensed milk, enhancing the foaming properties of reconstituted skim milk, preventing color changes of scrambled eggs prepared from egg powder, preserving canned legume, preventing gushing in beer, promoting flavor retention and delaying loss of carbonation in soft drinks, preventing oxidation of meat products, and preventing discoloration of canned fruits and vegetables.  EDTA is also often added to detergents, liquid soaps, shampoos, agricultural chemical sprays, pharmaceutical products, oil emulsions and to textiles to improve dyeing, scouring and detergent operations. Wow, with so many uses, one must wonder how safe it really is for human consumption. 


Tert-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) is a white, crystalline solid having a characteristic odor. It is practically insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol and in ether. TBHQ is a general purpose antioxidant used to preserve various oils, fats and food items by retarding their oxidative deterioration. It is used in formulating varnish, lacquer, resins and oil field additives. It is used a fixative in perfumery to reduce the evaporation rate and improve stability.  I repeat, wow, with so many uses, one must wonder how safe it really is for human consumption. 


I personally use real butter or coconut oil, two naturally occurring whole foods that have been consumed for generations without chemicals added to them to make them taste better or make them stable for longer.

Dee McCaffrey

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Thanks, Dee, I figured it had to be too processed to be good for us.  I am, however, trying to reduce my cholesterol.  Do I need to avoid butter because of this?


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One of the most effective ways to reduce your cholesterol is to eat a bowl of plain organic oatmeal every single day. Follow your intake on fresh fruits and vegetables every day especially organic. Bananas have known to reduce your cholesterol. Legumes are also very effective in reducing your cholesterol. Eating whole grains every single day especially. Add oatbran to your tomato sauce, it adds a delicious texture. Avoid red meat.

Hope this will help you reduce your cholesterol readings.



Zachary Knop
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