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I am concerned about eating my homemade 100% stone ground whole wheat pancakes every single day. I read some articles about eating whole compared to milled, blended or grinded and the absorption in you body, etc.

I use 1 cup of the Bob's 100% stone ground whole wheat flour made from hard red winter wheat (half of the time I find the organic version), half a tablespoon of Rumsford non-aluminum baking powder, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon,1 cup of Kikkoman creamy vanilla soymilk and a Country Creek non antibiotics or hormones egg white to make two 5-6 inches in diameter pancakes. I also spread about 1 1/2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil on top instead of syrup after I cook them, sometime spread some organic peanut butter on half of one of the cakes. Delicious! These pancakes must be one of the top nutritious pancakes anybody can eat!

The carb in the mix, 23g per 1/4 cup must be complex (good carbs) right? The RDA allowance says 300g of carbs per 2000 calorie diet. I am using a very high quality organic wheat, highly nutritious soymilk, calcuim rich baking powder, high protein egg white and the insulin and blood sugar controlling cinnamon plus the olive oil that heart specialists recommend every day!

I am sort of addicted to the pancakes but let me know and I can control myself or quit eating them.

Looking forward to your response!


Zachary Knop

Zachary Knop

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Hi Zach,

Your pancackes sound wonderful and as long as you are not gaining weight or experiencing any digestive system problems from eating them every day then you should be fine.  However, I ususally caution people against eating wheat every day.  Wheat is one of the most common food allergens and eating too much of any food can create food intolerances or allergies down the road.  The standard toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and roll for dinner is too much wheat!

Perhaps you could vary your grains by having a pancake made from Amaranth or oat flours as an alternative to the wheat.  Also, might I suggest taking some flax seeds, raw almonds, and raw sunflower seeds and grinding them together to make a mixture.  Then add 3 tablespoons of the mixture to your pancake mix or sprinkle on top.  This will add fiber and good fat and help to slow down the absorption of the carbohydrates, not to mention keeping your bowels moving. In the meantime, enjoy your pancackes daily!



Dee McCaffrey
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