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Does Anyone have a suggestion for breaking sugar cravings?  I seem most vulnerable just after eating.

I am so new to this.

Thank you.

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A discussion of getting off sugar and taming the cravings is discussed in my book The Science of Skinny on pages 272-273.  You don't actually break sugar cravings, what you do is cleanse your body of sugar.  Once it is cleansed, you won't crave it anymore. Your body won't crave what you don't put in it.  But sugar is a DRUG, therefore you will feel the effects of withdrawal just as you would if you were withdrawing from any other drug or from alcohol.
When you eat sugar, your blood sugar levels rise quickly and then drop quickly.  It is during the rapid decline of blood sugar levels that a person "craves" more sugar. So in essence, you are constantly experiencing withdrawal when you eat sugar, but if you "feed the craving" then you never have to feel what your body feels like when it's just trying to get normal!
It's the same with the nicotine in cigarettes--you only crave another cigarette when your body starts to withdraw from the level of nicotine that it is accustomed to having.  Same thing happens with sugar.
So, to help your body adjust to getting normal again and ease your sugar cravings, one of the best things to help you is bee pollen.  Bee pollen contains many key nutrients to help your brain and your blood sugar levels, most notable it contains B-vitamins and amino acids.  A key amino acid need to help with sugar cravings is the brain-feeding nutrient L-glutamine.  It converts to glutamic acid, the only source of glucose besides sugar that the brain can use for energy.  Bee pollen has worked wonders for many of my clients with sugar withdrawal, and also allows you to think more clearly, and feel more positive and focused. It also helps you sleep better and feel more at peace and relaxed.
You can purchase bee pollen granules at a health food store or online. 
Also, raw honey naturally suppresses the desire for other sweets and helps quell sugar cravings. Take 1 TEASPOON of raw honey in your lemon water or with a cup of tea.

I have answered this exact question a couple of other times on this forum.    To help you in the future, there is a great search feature here on the forum that will allow you to find all postings with a keyword or topic in it.  For instance, if you search for "sugar cravings" you will see all the postings where people have discussed sugar cravings.  Often times your question has already been asked and answered!

Best of Health,

Dee McCaffrey

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Dee, Thank you again for such a complete answer. I've noticed the "search" suggestion from other post. I'm sorry my sugar search did not find previous posts. Now, I am eager to scour the site for further readings. Nonetheless, you answer is most helpful. I will put your advice to work.
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