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My diabetic daughter wonders why eating sugar is any worse than eating natural sugar in fruit, for instance, since our bodies convert most foods into glucose anyway? 


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I get this question frequently, so I am glad that you asked.  Sugar content in foods and how sugar is processed in the body is often oversimplified.  It is very important that we all realize the detrimental effects of eating sugar in its refined forms.  Sugar from fruit IS NOT the same as refined white sugar from a cookie or a candy bar. Eating refined sugar is like putting rocket fuel into your body.  The sugar is absorbed very quickly leading to a sharp rise in blood sugar (referred to as a "sugar high") followed by a quick drop in blood sugar (the crash).  This plays serious havoc with the entire digestive system, which puts stress on the pancreas and liver as they must work extra hard to metabolize such a large sugar rush.  In fact, when the pancreas is stressed to continually provide insulin to convert sugar to energy it can literally be worn out and will not work any more (that is the cause of diabetes). 


When natural occurring sugars are eaten as part of a whole food like a fruit or a vegetable, this type of stress on the digestive organs does not occur.  When the fruit is intact and whole, its fiber will moderate the release of fructose and subsequently insulin into your bloodstream. This happens slowly so that there is no huge onslaught of sugar for your body to metabolize. 


Yes, the end results of carbohydrate metabolism is glucose, but the source of the glucose and the rate at which the glucose enters the body is what we should keep in mind.  It's time we realize that we cannot keep abusing our bodies with refined sugars.  We are killing ourselves with this sweet poison and it's time that we stop lying to ourselves and rationalizing our addiciton to sugars. 


Dee McCaffrey
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