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I often get cravings for sweets (cookies, cakes, etc). What are some healthy alternatives that will keep me compliant and on track?


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Reducing the number of sweets you eat will greatly reduce your sweet tooth. Eating naturally sweet foods can help. Whenever I get a little sweet tooth, I eat some medjool dates.  Dates are revered as nature's candy due to their caramel-like flavor and texture.  Granted, they are not like cookies or cakes, but they satisfy my desire for sweet.
If you are looking for a healthy alternative, you may want to check out a healthy cookie that is available in local natural foods markets.  Nana's Cookies ( are individually wrapped cookies that come in a number of varieties and are soft, chewey, and dangerously delicious.  I give them my stamp of approval because they are made with whole wheat flour and are sweetened with natural fruit juice and grains.  They have vegan and gluten-free varieties.

Dee McCaffrey
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