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According to the poor reputation of white flour, I wanted to reconfirm that it relates only specificially to bleached and enriched flours and does NOT say, "Never Bleached, Never Bromated" and "No Chemicals or preservatives ever added".

This flour is called King Arthur Flour. They make unbleached bread flour, whole wheat flour, white whole wheat flour and several other types. Basically, the regular unbleached flour is made from hard wheat flour and malted barley flour which contributes to softer bread. This flour contains B vitamins in it but does NOT say, "Enriched" because it is NOT bleached or
even bromated.

The label on the package says that: It is milled from full-flavored, hard red spring wheat, it has a higher protein content. We pledge that this bag of flour meets the high standards of quality and consistency King Arthur has maintained for over two centuries. The mill is located in the state of Vermont.

Gold Medal does not say, hard red spring wheat on it. Gold Medal says that it is enriched.

I needed to reconfirm with you, Dee that the poor reputation about the word, "white flour" and its poor effects in your health is NOT the King Arthur type or the Bob's Red Mill White flour which has just

about the same benefits and quality but does not contain vitamins.

My concern is: Is the King Arthur white flour that is such a high quality nonbleached, nonbromated, NOT enriched and made with hard wheat going to drain my energy, store in my stomach as fat exactly everything and everything else the poor write ups indicate about "white flour"??

I made a baguette today and it was like I bought all the Subways and renovated the specific ingredients that were not neccessary. I used organic sugar in place of white refined sugar and the salt content is not so high plus using a very high quality wheat mix that is not bleached, etc. It was absolutely delicious!

I may consider trying just 1 cup of the white and 1 1/2 cup of the stone ground wheat since the malted barley flour in the white mix will work like gluten which is recommended when baking bread with stone ground wheat.

Your response is so much appreciated.



Zachary Knop

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King Arthur white whole wheat flour and Bob's Red Mill white whole wheat flour are actually whole grain flours.  You are right, they are not the unhealthy enriched white flours.  According to an article in USA Today, what makes white whole wheat preferable to brown whole wheat flour is that a) it is made from a naturally occurring albino variety, b) it has all the nutrition and fiber of whole wheat, c) it tastes sweet in comparison, as it does not contain tannins and phenolic acid responsible for the unpleasant bitter taste of traditional whole wheat, and d) it has a more golden color (making it closer in appearance to white flour), rather than the harsh red color of whole-wheat.


Soft white whole wheat  is lower in protein and higher in carbohydrates than the red whole wheat varieties and its flour is therefore better suited for pastries, cookies, muffins, cakes, pancakes, and waffles. The baguette you made should still be nutritious, however I must warn you about organic sugar.  Just because it's organic does not mean it isn't still refined.  If your organic sugar is white or any color other than a rich dark brown with coarse crystals, then it is at least partially bleached and refined.  It just means that it was grown organically before refinement.  You should use Rapadura, a form of organic whole cane sugar that really is natural.  It can be purchased at Whole Foods Market.



Dee McCaffrey
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