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There is a new bar in the market called "Think Organic". The bar is organic and is made of just nuts and fruit. There is no evaporated cane juice, etc., just nuts and fruit.

Do you approve of that?

For example: One of the flavors I forgot what name it is but it consists of organic cashews, organic cherries and one other ingredient. The sugar content is 19 grams.

Even when we eat fresh fruit, obviously we still consume grams of sugar so its exactly the same thing eating the new bar. The grams of sugar is a natural sugar just like eating fruit. Do you agree?

The reason why I am concerned is that I read that your body only needs 4 grams of sugar per day. How do we expect to eat fruits everyday especially atleast 5 servings which is the RDA?

Eating the semi-sweet Rapunzel chocolate bar which is the best candy bar in the world has 11 grams of sugar per half of a bar. Even though it contains the real good healthy sugar, it is still grams of sugar.

Will the natural whole cane sugar still affect our insulin and blood sugar levels? I can eat the bar with lots of cinnamon which is a blood sugar and insulin fighter?



Zachary Knop

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The Think Organic bars look to be a healthy bar.  I checked out the ingredients and nutrition information on all of the bars.  With the exception of the new Cranberry Apple which has evaporated cane juice as one of the ingredients, the bars are all natural.  I prefer another bar called Lärabar, which is similar in that they only contain raw fruits and nuts.  Lärabars can be found at natural food markets and Trader Joe's.


As far as grams of sugars is concerned, you first need to understand how sugars are formed in your body and how they are absorbed.  Your brain's preferred fuel is glucose, which is what most carbohydrates are broken down into once they are metabolized.  In order to fuel your brain effectively and maintain even blood sugar levels, the human body only needs 2 teaspoons of glucose in the bloodstream at any one time.  1 teaspoon of sugar is equivalent to 4 grams.  So that's 8 grams of glucose at any one time.  There are many different ways that our bodies obtain glucose.


This is where it may get confusing for some people.  Say you eat a candy bar that contains 28 grams of refined sugar in a serving.  That refined sugar goes directly into your blood stream because there is nothing to regulate its absorption into the body.  You get a huge overdose of sugar, which creates havoc in your body. 


Now say you eat a piece of fruit with 28 grams of naturally occuring sugar.  Due to the abundance of minerals, fibers, and enzymes in a peice of fruit, those 28 grams of sugar are metabolized more slowly, therefore the release of sugars is gradual, so you only get a little bit at a time, instead of all at once.  It is through this gradual release that the body is able to maintain only 2 teaspoons at any one time.  However, eating too much sugar can greatly upset this delicate balance.


This is what the glycemic index is based on--that is how quickly or slowly sucrose is released into the body.  Please read my reply to Sugar vs. Glucose? that is posted on my message board.  This should help clear up your confusion.


Bottom line, we all really need to limit the amount of sugary foods that we eat.  WE DO NOT NEED ANY ADDED SUGAR in our diets.  We could live our entire lives without ever eating fruit or added sugars.  Our bodies can get the 2 teaspoons we need at any one time from the breakdown of vegetables,whole grains, and even proteins. 

Dee McCaffrey
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