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Ok, I promise this is my last question for tonight.
I CANNOT stand the taste of water.  We drink bottled water (it's delivered to the door and I believe it's reverese osmosis with flouride added) and  I make it palatable by adding one True Lemon or one True Lime packet to about 20 oz of water.

That ok?


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Yikes, the True Lemon contains lactose and maltodextrin.  Maltodextrin most likely is being used as a flavor enhancer.  You really want to avoid maltodextrin (listen to my podcast on "The Hidden Names of MSG" at  I'm not sure why a lemon flavored drink mix needs to contain lactose from milk, but I'm guessing that it's used as some sort of sweetener.


If you really can't stand the taste of water, you can add some unsweetened cranberry juice to it and sweeten with a little bit of stevia.  It counts for water and will cleanse your kidneys and help flush fat from your body.  Take 4 fluid ounces of the unsweetened cranberry and add 28 ounces of water to it, to make a total of 32 ounces of cranberry-water.  It tastes great and will ensure that you get enough water for the day.


Or you could just squeeze some real lemon juice into the water.


OR you can check out the link below to a website where they sell orange, lime, cherry, and grape flavored drink mixes that are more natural and sweetened with stevia.  These will probably be the closest to the True Lemon and True Lime you've been using, without the maltodextrin.






Dee McCaffrey
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