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I have some very important individual questions and your answers will enable me to make much smoother decisions.

Facts: I am considering the Uncle Sam cereal since I had it one time with Le Natures flavored orange water in it and it was delicious. I believe this cereal is a great tool for detoxification.

Question#1 I am concerned about the whole flaxseeds in it since I read recently that ground flaxseeds absorb better in your body, are you familiar with that?

Facts#2: I am considering purchasing this brand organic green tea at Walmart, it comes in a 40 count box and it is organic from some of the oriental countries.

Question#2 Are you familiar with drinking decaf compared to regular green tea since regular green tea still has some caffeine in it? I thought I read something negative about drinking decaffeinated teas?

Facts#3: I purchased this small red and yellow can of S&B Oriental Curry powder, it is a product of Japan. There is no salt and all the other ingredients are healthy spices such as mustard powder, paprika, etc.

Question#3 Do I have to be concerned about if there is any chemicals, additives, GMOS, etc. in it? It is imported from Japan!


Zachary Knop

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The whole flaxseeds in the Uncle Sam Cereal are for added fiber.  They leave your body intact, so they are not the best souce of omega-3 oil unless they are ground up.  Either whole or ground, flaxseeds are extremely healthy.


Green tea provides a significant amount of health benefits, mainly due to the polyphenols contained within its leaves.  Some green teas contain caffeine, but the decaffeinated varieties are still healthy.  If a green tea has been decaffeinated using a water process rather than a chemical process, then it is safe to drink.  Decaffeinated green tea obviously loses some of its health benefits during the decaffienation process.


S&B Curry Powder is a blend of more than 30 kinds of select spices. This product contains no additives and is 100% pure spice & herb ingredients only.   The spices are not grown organically nor do I know whether they are GMOs.

Dee McCaffrey
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