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I would like to make a recipie of vanilla.  I could use Vodka (80 proof) but would perfer not to.  Can you suggest another ingredient to use? Sometimes I find vanilla hard to find without the cornsyrup so wanted to have a supply on hand when I'm out!
Marsha Berland

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You can make your own Sugar-Free, Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract.  

Instead of alcohol, you can use food grade vegetable glycerine. Vegetable glycerine is a clear, colorless, thick liquid with a natural, moderately sweet taste. It can also be used as a natural sweetener, and actually metabolizes slower than regular table sugar.  It is made from either coconut oil or palm oil.

Vegetable glycerine is the same ingredient used in sugar-free, alcohol-free  vanilla extract that you can buy at natural food markets (I typically buy Frontier brand alcohol-free vanilla extract) .

I know of several brands of food grade vegetable glycerine that you can use.  These are all available from the following links:

NOW Foods, Solutions, Vegetable Glycerine 

Baar brand Vegetable Glycerine 

Wilderness Family Naturals Vegetable Glycerine

To make the extract, you will need 16 fluid ounces of food grade vegetable glycerine and 8 vanilla beans.

Add the glycerine to a tall jar or bottle (tall enough to fit your vanilla beans. Slice each vanilla bean in half lengthwise. Use the sharp edge of a knife to scrape the seeds away from the bean pods, and then add the seeds and pods to the glycerine in the bottle.
Tightly seal the bottle and put it in a dark place to steep for 6 weeks.

Dee McCaffrey
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