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I'm wondering if it makes a difference as to when I eat my daily portions of leafy green and rainbow veggies.  I tend to try to eat them all at once in a big salad for lunch, then something more protein-focused for dinner.  Should I try to end my day with a more alkaline meal?


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Hi, thanks for posting.  It is highly recommended to eat vegetables with every meal--or at least with both lunch and dinner. I recommend eating at least 2 cups of veg with lunch and at least 2 cups with dinner. You can eat more that that amount of vegetables, but you should have at least 2 cups per meal. This is highly beneficial for helping with the digestion of the other foods you eat with the vegetables.  Eating a meal with just protein and starch is not a balanced meal.

Part of healthy living is learning to eat balanced meals that contain vegetables. They should play a starring role on your plate.

Dee McCaffrey
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