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I recall your podcast on the right Whey protein to buy.  You had said only pure concentrated Whey protein and not isolates.  Well, they're hard to find but at my local supplement store, they seem to have a brand that is pretty close to what you said and I want to share the ingredients for your reaction.  Here they are in order: Ultrafiltered non-denatured, whey protein concentrate; pre-digested ion-exchange whey protein hydrolysate; lactalbumin; natural and artificial flavors (whoops, I know those are red flags!); guar gum; alpha-ketoglutaric acid; sucralose (whoops again - sugar, right?) chromium polynicotinate.

Gee, now after copying all the ingredients off of the label, now I'm thinking this ain't so good!

Mike DeSorda

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This is the Dee approved whey protein powder I buy off of because I can't find any good ones in the store =(

I also sometimes will buy some organic hemp protein powder if I run out of the above powder and am in a pinch. Dee has said this is the second most absorable protein powder in the body.

Your Friend, Nutrition Missionary & Fellow Health Seeker Tanner B Goodsell

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Hi Mike,

Yep, ain't so good!  Any time you see a list of ingredients like that, the product is probably not good.  Anything artificial is not natural, and any product that would contain sucralose would never be a good choice.  (Sucralose is not sugar, it's an artificial sweetener derived from sugar and converted by chemicals into a polychlorinated compound.  There's a detailed discussion of it on pages 81-83 of my book The Science of Skinny.  The whey protein hydrosylate is also something to skip.

Since writing The Science of Skinny, I have found three very good brands of whey protein concentrate. 
These are not available in stores. 
Here are the links:
All are cold pressed whey protein concentrate, not isolates, derived from grass fed cows, and free of hormones, 
A good quality whey protein:
  • Must be cold pressed whey protein derived from grass fed cows, and free of hormones, chemicals and sugar.
  • Cold processed, since heat destroys whey’s fragile molecular structure
  • Whey protein concentrate, not protein isolates

The sidebox on page 216 in The Science of Skinny explains why you should beware of whey protein isolates.
The best whey protein concentrates are cold processed since heat destroys enzymes and whey’s fragile molecular structure.  The brands I recommend are done this way.  That is why I am super picky about the brands of whey protein concentrate I recommend.  There are only a few and I've never seen a good protein powder in any store I've been in (I travel quite a bit and have been to many natural food markets.)
When heat is used to concentrate and then further make isolate, as is done with most protein powders, the proteins are hydrolyzed and the amino acids are isolated.  Any whey protein that has been hydrolyzed will contain isolated gluatmic acid, a known excitotoxin.  
Again, the brands I recommend are pure whey protein concentrate.  The protein is not hydrolyzed.  It is because of the fact that most whey protein is hydrolyzed that I am so picky about it.

Dee McCaffrey

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Here is another excellent protein powder:

It contains only one ingredient: organic whey protein concentrate from grass fed cows.  No sweeteners and no flavors.  As I mentioned before, I have never seen a good quality protein powder in stores.  This is only available online.

Dee McCaffrey

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another good whey powder is:

Their subscription option is a great value - reduced price and free shipping - and it is for only 6 months (with a cancel at any time clause). So if you haven't used it all up after 6 months, the subscription stops; you re-start the subscription when you are getting low.

However, I've been a little confused by the nutritional information on this product and the one above (Raw Organic Whey). One has very low cholesterol and one has higher cholesterol. In all other regards they look to be identical products. Dee, can you comment on this discrepancy?

( I have used both whey powders - they are both delicious, by the way. )
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